At MJH Events not only do we design and install we can also supply a huge range of products for your product, please see below a range of what we can offer. 

Ball Racks

MJH Events work with our partner to supply SES’s Reflections Ball Rack and Hood System is the quintessential leader in the bowling industry when it comes to Style, Durability, and Functionality. Whether you are building a new Upscale Bowling Lounge, a Family Entertainment Center or upgrading your existing centre, SES’s Reflections Ball Rack and Hood System has all the style and features you desire.

Bumpers & Guttering

MJH Events customers expect nothing but the best when it comes to our product line. So why would it be any different when we decided to make the world’s most durable, reliable and cost-effective bowling bumper system in the industry. When manufacturing the Z-Bumper and Gutter System, SES uses only the very best materials available today. By doing so,
SES has created a bowling bumper and bowling gutter system that creates more ball action than any other bumper in the industry, bringing more excitement to your bowling centre and customers. This system is a mechanic and installers dream, you “set it and forget it”  it is virtually maintenance free.


Why settle for an ordinary bowling lane when you can virtually pick any colour or style. After installing lanes from several different companies in the industry, SES has become very familiar with synthetic bowling lane features. However, no single lane integrated all of those features into the perfect lane.... until now. The MML-3000 now sets that standard for synthetic bowling lanes in the industry.
The surface layer of the MML-3000 is treated with silica-based agents that ensure incredible wear resistance, making this one of the most durable lanes on the market.


SES’s proprietary detangling software and mechanism doesn’t “Time Out”. Resulting in fewer service calls to the service desk.
  • The Electrical Box is a Single Phase to Three Phase System that uses a Siemens Converter System that eliminates the motor starts switches, capacitors and relays. This makes the motors and gearbox essentially maintenance free.
  • The only string machine control box in the industry and is fully serviceable by your technician. No need to send it back to the manufacturer for exchange or repair.
  • Heavy duty solid steel back end pit assembly. Uses ¼“ solid steel framing, solid maple cushion plank, solid rubber cushion, heavy duty curtain and shock system to absorb bowling ball and pin impact. The result is years of maintenance free use.
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Cord with a special coating to prevent bowling pin tangling. SES provides a minimum 5 year supply of cord.
  • The only company that uses full 2-1/2” solid birch kickbacks for improved pin action. The result is the same bowling pin action and scorability as a traditional free fall machine.
  • SES provides the longest string machine parts warranty at 2 years.
  • Lowest power consumption of any pin setting machine.
  • We can train your staff in 20 minutes to maintain and service the USB 24 Volt String Machine. Making this machine the easiest and least expensive bowling machine to maintain in the industry.
  • Ability to set single individual pins.


MJH Events work in partnership with BOWLit to supply our customers the very best scoring systems on the market. BOWLit scoring systems are the very best on the market for a multitude of reasons including Powerful booking system that is easy to handle, Integrated online booking with player check-in service, Complete booking management for all your activities, 

Secure your bookings and scores with daily online backups, Powerful lane console with an appealing design, Full-featured console for managing players, Share your scores on social media.
Easy to manage by everyone playing and operating.

To learn more about BOWLit why not download their brochure here

Media Masking

At MJH Events, we offer you an array of options when building a new centre or refurbishment an existing centre.
MediaMask gives you the option to buy as many video screens as your budget will allow.
There is no need to buy video screens for every lane. MediaMask is the only masking unit system that gives you the flexibility of adding video screens in the future.

Please see our sizing guide to give you an idea of what we can offer your centre


The Shoreline Collection is designed to accommodate your unique floor plan and design preferences. It's something to meet virtually any aesthetic, as the Shoreline Collection blends form and comfort with stylish design and custom configurations.
 Whatever your vision for your centre whether it's a home bowling alley or a new family entertainment centre MJH Events is your source for the furnishings you need to bring your vision to life!

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Case study | Residential



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